At St Joseph’s we have a range of learning technologies our students have access to. Teachers plan and collaborate in order to incorporate learning technologies across all Key Learning Areas. Teachers are regularly involved in training courses provided by the CSO and external providers and are provided with opportunities to share their knowledge with colleagues.

The staff at St Joseph’s believe the use of learning technologies in our everyday practices, better prepares students for the demands of an ever-changing world. We strive to achieve powerful teaching and learning, and improve the learning of all students we come into contact with.

Every classroom is fitted with an interactive SMARTBoard and projector, desktop computer for the teacher, and a pair of desktop computers for student use. We have a set of touch-screen laptops and a set of iPads. The computer lab has a SMARTBoard, projector and a bank of 30 desktops for lessons. The library also has virtual conferencing capabilities.

The school has a variety of robotics including:

  • BeeBots
  • Edisons
  • Spheros
  • Makey Makeys
  • Ev3 Lego robots

Students are invited to attend Coding Club during lunchtime. Teachers incorporate coding into their technology time in the computer lab, as well as during different KLAs. Some examples include:

  • Infants classes use Scratch Junior to code digitally and are exposed to off-line coding in the classroom, using hands-on materials such as Lego.
  • Stage 2 work on programs in Scratch such as creating music, creating scenes of characters and adding narration.
  • Stage 3 work on coding with relation to mathematics content, such as Cartesian Plane and Geometry.

All students develop skills of computational thinking, the creation and use of different levels of abstraction to better understand and solve problems, including using algorithms.

We promote the safe and responsible use of these learning technologies, particularly when students are online. Students are taught to understand the behaviours and processes that will help them to act in a safe and responsible manner when using digital technologies.