St Joseph’s has a very active social justice program with a dual focus on awareness and action. The student leaders guide the student body in a variety of initiatives including the Lenten CARITAS Project Compassion Appeal, St Vincent De Paul Appeals (winter and Christmas) and Catholic Mission. In 2018 a Mini Vinnies Conference was inaugurated at St Joseph’s. Mini Vinnies is about doing good works in the community that benefit people facing social injustice. It is also about young people meeting to talk, share ideas and concerns, to have fun and support each other. This new initiative is showing much success and the endeavours of the Mini Vinnies’ team to date have been greatly appreciated from the wider community.

Our fundraising focuses for each term throughout the year are:

Term 1

Caritas/Project Compassion - Global support – In the form of Project Compassion Money boxes. Cake stall days are held on two Mondays. Mini Vinnies leaders collect money from classroom Project Compassion boxes each week.

Term 2

Mini Vinnies Winter Appeal - Supporting Locals - Children wear a scarf and beanie and bring along a can of soup. The soup is donated to the local St Vincent de Paul Conference.

Term 3

Catholic Mission - Global support – Mission Fun Day organised by staff, and run by Stage 3 students and is supported by a presentation from Richard Cootes from Catholic Mission. St Joseph’s receives national recognition for their generosity to Catholic Mission.

Term 4

‘Giving Tree’ Vinnies Christmas Appeal - Supporting Locals- Students and families are asked to support the local appeal through donating non-perishable goods suitable for Christmas hampers, which are then donated to the local St Vincent de Paul Conference.

During the year, Cake/Food Stalls are held twice a term to fundraise for our Catholic agencies of Caritas/Project Compassion and Catholic Mission.

The school encourages the students to propose other areas for social justice work on a needs basis. In 2018, we held “Fiver for a Farmer” Day where we raised money for drought-affected families at St Joseph’s Merriwa. From year to year, there is fundraising in response to the needs of the local community. In June and December students in the school band visit a local aged care facility to play songs/carols, chat and spread some cheer. These are examples of social justice at the local level.

Mini Vinnies 3