Transition is an extremely important period of a family's welcome to school at St Joseph's.  Not only will your child be transitioning, your family will transition also!

We strive to welcome and cater for each and every child's needs, to do this we need to get to know your children before they start their Kindergarten year.  

Our transition to school program begins with meeting their buddies.  Their buddies are our responsible Year 6 children who will look after and guide your children in the first few weeks of school.  They build a lovely bond together and their friendships and memories are never ending.

We then invite all children back to school for their orientation day and further playdates before the end of the year.  By the time your children start school the following year, they are confident, excited and happy to begin their schooling at St Joseph's.

You know your child best and their eating habits, it may be best to give them smaller quantities of known favourites and "top them up" when they arrive home. We prefer that the children take home what they don't eat - this prevents waste and allows you to adjust lunches accordingly. Consider the logistics of eating on a picnic table and pack foods which are less likely to fall apart easily or spill. Please pack healthy choices - fruit/raw vegetables, sandwiches/wraps etc. It is essential for your child to go to bed early and get a good night’s sleep every night.  Kindergarten children often get very tired  - you will notice this particularly towards the end of the week for the first couple of months.

Communication is extremely important to us and we welcome any feedback.  Please be sure to contact your child's teacher or the Principal if you have any concerns. Our teachers are in communication all the time with families, we welcome conversations.  We cannot help with a problem unless we know it exists. 

Please send your child on time each day and every day, since regular attendance at school is essential for progress. Let your child talk to you about his/her experiences. It is important that you share in his/her new life. Do not be surprised when you find that the children in Kindergarten are not taught all the formal prayers which older children and adults use. A five-year-old child should be allowed to speak to God in a five-year-old way; parents can do much to foster a love of informal prayer in young children.

Develop the same routine for drop-offs in the morning. Always tell your child when you are leaving, reassure them if they are anxious, that you will return. Alert the teacher if it becomes apparent your child is becoming upset and leave quickly. The school will ring you to confirm that your child has settled. 

We look forward to meeting you and showing you our lovely unique school environment with play-based learning, natural learning spaces and many great opportunities to thrive.