Toronto became a Mass centre in 1915 as part of Wyong Parish. In 1926 Toronto joined the Parish of Boolaroo.

1950 saw the “Brown” Sisters of St Joseph travelling from their convent in Boolaroo to establish a school. A new school was built in 1956 and staffed by the Sisters of Mercy following Toronto becoming a Parish in its own right in 1955. The “Black” Sisters of St Joseph from Lochinvar took over the school in 1973.

The first lay teacher began in 1964 and over the years the school has been staffed entirely by lay teachers. The challenge for lay staff is to ensure that the best traditions of Catholic education so well fostered in the past are continued.

In 1984 the school and church moved to its present site at Kilaben Bay. As a result of the foresight, planning and dedication of many people to re-establish the parish infrastructure, we now enjoy modern classrooms in an environment conducive to contemporary learning.